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Summer 2017 Courses

BCOR 111: Principles of Microeconomics (3 credits) This course focuses on an understanding of basic economics from a microeconomic standpoint. Prerequisite: High School Algebra M&W 5-6:20 pm

LENG 247: Introduction to Literature (3 credits) This course helps students develop an appreciation, under- standing and evaluation of literature as it reflects human experience in diverse cultural contexts. The course focuses on the essential elements of prose, drama, and poetry. Prerequisites: LENG 111, 112 W 6:30-9:20pm

LFIN 251: Introduction to Music (3 credits) The aim of this course is to guide the student to a more percep- tive and meaningful enjoyment of the art of music. After having been acquainted with musical materials and procedures, the student will be introduced to selected works characteristic of different style periods. T 6:30-9:20pm

LPHI 131: Introduction to Philosophy (3 credits) An introduction to the study of philosophy. Beginning with the dawn of philosophical awareness among the ancient Greek philosophers, the course surveys both traditional and modern approaches to the philosophical understanding of the human condition. TH 6:30-9:20pm

LHST 111: History Without Borders (3 credits) The most important ideas, issues, problems, and developments that mark the changing fortunes of the West’s interaction with the world from the Seventeenth Century to the present. TH 6:30-9:20pm

CIS 250: Business Technology II (3 credits) A hands-on study of the application of personal computers in a modern, networked business environment. Builds on material covered in CIS 150 Business Technology I. Provides instruction in the use of Microsoft Office components, with particular emphasis on advanced model- ing using Excel. Other topics covered will be creation of web pages via HTML and other web authoring tools, integration of various Microsoft Office applications. Prerequisite: CIS150 M&W 6:30-7:50pm

BCOR 250: Management Theory & Practice (3 credits) This course will introduce students to the principles of management. From the organizational and behavioral aspects to process and management techniques of everyday business, this course is designed to give students a social, historical, legal, economic, and environ- mental knowledge and understanding of business processes, their measurement and interdependency as well as the ability to successfully cope within an ambiguous setting. Prerequisites: BCOR 105, BCOR 111, and BCOR 112 T 6:30-9:20pm

POLI 111: U.S. Government and Politics (3 credits) The primary goal of this course is to help students un- derstand politics and the political process of the American National Government. It covers the standard fea- tures of U.S. politics—the Constitution, federalism, interest groups, political parties, Congress, the presidency, the courts. Students also learn how to analyze political events and how to relate their own values to politics. M 6:30-9:20pm

LPHI 237: Philosophy of Ethical Responsibility (3 credits) The subject matter of ethics is “the good life and how to live it.” Students will examine a variety of influential approaches to ethics, and will gain skill in applying ethical theory both to practical ethical issues in daily life, and to some of the urgent ethical issues in contempo- rary society. Prerequisite: LPHI 131 T/TH 5:00-6:20 pm

These programs are open enrollment (no SATs needed); applicants need a high school diploma or GED to be admitted. To qualify for the reduced tuition rate, students must be residents of PA and cannot be currently enrolled at Gannon University. Program cost of $12,000 includes 65 credits at $175/credit, $600 in fees ($100/semester), and a one-time $25 application fee. See more about how our costs compare to other institutions.

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